Vampire Diaries Season Five Finale

Friday, May 16, 2014

I again want to apologize for my absence. Like I've said in my pervious post, I didn't want to write on here to fulfill a quota I set up for myself. I want my writing on here to mean something. I want to be proud of what I've written instead of just writing in order to have my name on something.

Something strange that I actually care about is The Vampire Diaries. Now I know The Vampire Diaries might seems like a dumb show to a lot of people. But I've been watching it since I was in high school and a part of me feels like I've in a way grown up with this show and it's characters. Sometimes I ask myself why do I still watch this show and am a little embarrassed in people knowing. It doesn't have the best plot story and has been so dragged on. But I still do and tonight's season finale reminded me why I continue to watch this guilty pleasure of mine.

The thing I've waited the longest since I started watching this show was for Damon and Elena to get together. They are my OTP. I never liked her with Stefan because although you can see he loves her, he wasn't able to help Elena grow. When Stefan died in the previous episode, she was shocked and wanted him back. But when Damon died, it was a completely different scenario. She was completely broken as she realized she would never see him again. In the finale, she finally saw a future with him, a future he wanted the first time he saw her. In that moment, her future was slowly disappearing and she couldn't do anything about it. I've waited 4 years for my OTP to be together and once they are Damon gets killed off. Seriously, these writers just fine more ways to split my OTP apart.

But this episode made me cry. Now I don't usually cry over TV and when I do its a couple tears. But nothing has ever made me cry like this episode did. The part that really got to me was when Elena realized that she would never see Damon again. The way she cried and seem so helpless was extremely believable. Elena's reactions were natural, as anyone would react the way she did. What really resonated with me was I was imagining myself in her situation. While I don't find her situation to be too common, I found it quite universal. I for one know what it's like knowing you won't ever see someone you care about again. The day I left New Zealand, I had to say good bye to my best friend and it was one of the hardest things I've done. When I got on that plane I knew I would not see him for a long time or possible ever. Just like Elena, I cried. I cried and felt so helpless as it was something I couldn't control no matter how much I wanted to stay. I felt I could empathize with Elena and that's something a good show has. It makes the audience feel something and feel they can relate in one way or another.

Nina Dobrev, you seriously are an amazing actress. If you are a close friend of mine, you would know that I do not care about celebrities what so ever. Nina Dobrev is one of the few celebrities that I actually feel is worth talking about and simply because she is talented. Now a days, many celebrities are famous for simply being in scandals and having no talent, but Dobrev is different. She acts so natural and portrays her characters emotions so plausible that you feel something by just watching.

This show might seem pretty dumb to a majority of you, but it's kind of not. I wouldn't say its as good as Game of Thrones or Waling Dead, but it's something I enjoy. If a show can make me cry just from one scene, it says a lot about it. I might questions myself in watching it at times, but I know I'll keep watching and will eagerlyawait the start of season 6 this fall. Hopefully my OTP will be together, hopefully.

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