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Monday, April 07, 2014

Game of Thrones aired again tonight on HBO after a year since the last episode. A year of anticipation, waiting to see what will happen in Westeros after the deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark. So far, it hasn't disappointed.

Now I've read the first three books, so I know what will happen at the end of this season. I know who dies, who lives, and what will happen to each house. And let me tell you, it's going to be really good. Yet, this has its downsides for me. I know what will happen, so there will be no surprises for me, like there were for so many of you last season in the "Red Wedding". But like always, TV shows and movies are never true to the original. It will be interesting to see the changes the writers decided to make this season and if the major events are as epic as Martin wrote them out to be. But in the end, I know I will always be making comparisons in my head between the two. But don't worry I won't spoil anything that will happen in the season.

So far this episode was fine. I was expecting more like I always do. But especially for this season, just because this is when a lot of interesting things will happen. Besides season one, the other seasons have started off slow as well in order to create background for the really interesting stuff to come. For that reason, this episode isn't bad. There were things that I particularly liked and stuff I didn't like.

Although most of the important characters made an appearance tonight, I didn't seem to care that much about all of them. There were only three that were actually very interesting. The other's were just there and their characters will have interesting events later. But for now, Cersei's problems and her anger towards Jamie seem irrelevant. Deanery's didn't do much with her army, but her dragons did grow really big. Sansa didn't say or do much either. And Tyrion, well his moment will come.

I'm very excited to see Oberyn Martell in this. He was one of my favorite characters in the third book. The love he has for his sister is amazing and what he will be willing to do for her honor later on is astounding. But I'm not sure I entirely like the way he appears when we first meet him. I know he sleeps around a lot. He has three bastard daughters who actually have positions of authority in the fourth book, but the book never makes him seem like a man desperate to sleep with women. And yes I understand this isn't the book, but he's a great character who will add so much to the plot of the story. Presenting him like that isn't making him seem that way.

Jon Snow's my favorite in the book. But I loved the way he behaved in this episode. Something about him knowing he broke his vows and being sassy about it towards those who are trying to kill him, is making him one of my favorites in the show. The way he shows authority to those men who obviously have a higher authority than him, yet isn't afraid to do so, demonstrates he's starting to become the man he's wanted to be since season one. He's becoming like Robb, yet I think he will be better than Robb. He's a Stark after all.

I loved the ending. If you know me, you know how much I love fighting scenes and blood in combat. Seeing the Hound and Arya fight those guys was really nice to see. You can see the Hound isn't so bad after all and Arya's taking action on those who've hurt people she's cared about. In the end when he gives her the horse, that's the moment you see they're on the same team. They both don't care about the King or the war. They're just trying to survive and are using each other in order to do so. I love it.

The writers have included small details in the story that may not seem like anything, but will play an important role in the progression of the season. Pigeon pig? The meal Shae gives Sansa to eat; if you've read the book you know exactly what I'm talking about. Oh you clever writers.

I will continue to be an avid watcher throughout the rest of the season. I love Game of Thrones and am exited to see the story I know come to life and be portrayed the way I know it can be.

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