How I Met Your Mother Finale

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Incredible series, end of an era they said it was. Words like these are used to describe something epic and worthy of such praise. The finale episode of How I Met Your Mother that ended this Monday did not live up to that praise.

Being a huge fan of the show, seeing over 200 episodes and all 9 seasons, I was really looking forward to seeing how one of my favorite shows would end. I knew it would be an emotional night and I had really high hopes for an amazing ending. I was sadly disappointed and I would say it was one of the worst finales a series could have. Now before I proceed and talk about the finale be aware that this will contain spoilers. But since your reading this you've probably already seen it.

For one the show was called "How I Met Your Mother", so the last episode should have focused and revealed on how Ted finally met the mother. Although this did happen for a short couple of minutes, the episode was really about Robin, lonely and finally realizing that she was suppose to end up with Ted. Now don't get me wrong I love Robin. If it were up to me I would love to be like Robin, working at a news station and traveling the world for it. I would love my future to be like that. Although I love her, I just didn't see a reason to bring back a love interest that had ended Season 3. The previous episode gave us all a good lesson that relationships have an expiration date when Ted said he didn't feel the same about Robin. Feelings aren't always the same in the future and good indicators that we as people move on with our lives. At this point, both Robin and Ted had moved on. She married Barney and Ted found the mother and had 2 children with her. The finale was not the moment for her to realize this after a decade.

What was the point of the last season. The whole season focused on Robin and Barney's wedding. Yet these two characters got divorced in the last episode. Why waste so much time on an event that was meant to be monumental only to crumble after 3 years? I thought Robin and Barney were right for each other. The way in which he proposed to her and all the effort he put into it really showed that he deserved her. He fought for her and did what Ted couldn't all those years. But what was the point, if thorough all that Robin would always end up with Ted.

Why create a mother at all? The mom never comes out until the final season; and when she does it's only for brief moments. My favorite episode was "How Your Mother Met Me", it made me really fall for the mother and sympathize for her. She like many of us had loved someone and found it hard to truly let go. She resonated with a lot of people and she appeared as a person worthy for Ted to have waited so long for. Yet in the last episode we weren't allowed to feel anything for her. We didn't even know how she died and didn't feel sad when it happened. We mostly ended up feeling bad for Robin. So why have her in the story at all if she isn't important in the end?

The best part of the whole thing was when Barney met his daughter Ellie. At one point in the episode he said that he wasn't the type of guy who sees a woman and knows that she is the love of his life and would do anything for her. But when he meets his daughter, he tells her those exact words. It was really heartwarming to see how Barney as a character has evolved since the beginning. You have this guy who's persona is sleeping with women and finding new ways in order to do so. But when he meets his daughter, he realizes that there is someone out there worth changing for. This seen made me cry, the only time I actually did.

The show should have been called "How I Met Your Step-Mother" because the whole point of the show really wasn't how Ted met the mother. It was more like how he loved Robin all the time, met the mother, fell in love with her, had kids with her that Robin couldn't have with him, and then conveniently died after she gave Ted everything he wanted while still ending up with Robin in the end. Bullshit, complete and utter bullshit.

Someone had uploaded an alternative ending for the show that I will link here. Personally, this was how the show should have ended. It was simple and a way to really end an amazing series.The show touched so many people. Through the frustration, laugh, and tears, this ending made everything worth it because Ted's journey and the show all led up to this moment. Making us see that somethings are truly worth waiting for; which was something that the original lacked.

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