Thursday, March 06, 2014

When I started this blog, a major change happened in my life. This has ended up being most of the content that I've produced on here so far. But I don't want this blog to be all about my breakup, there's more to my life than that. I want this to be about all aspects of my life, the good and the bad. Right now I want to focus on a good new discovery.

I've never been one to write about my taste in music. I would say that when it comes to music I am a bit of a hipster. Not in that I listen to indie or bands no one has ever heard of. But more in that what I listen to is not mainstream or was popular when I was younger so people now don't listen to it now. The band I'm about to talk about is known of, but I would say that they aren't popular to a majority of people. The band I am talking about is Anberlin.

Now I've listen to Anberlin when I was in high school. I listened to about four of their songs because they were on my ipod that my sister put in because back then we shared an itunes account. I liked the songs but I didn't think much about them or thought of exploring more from them. It wasn't until I created a Spotify account and got bored with what i was listening to that I decided that I might listen to more of their songs. Doing this was probably one of the greatest things I could have done to my music library.

They've been around for a while so I was finding it a little pointless to be giving in a sense a review of them since they haven't released a new album. But I've been listening to them so much this past week that I thought it was necessary to write this.

I gravitate towards listening to more alternative rock. Anberlin is an American Rock band, but one thing that I like about them so much is that their style isn't the same in every single album. Don't get me wrong, every artist has a specific style that makes them special and should stick to it. But sometimes when that's all they stick to it could get boring listening to them. You feel like every song sounds the same except has different lyrics. But Anberlin doesn't do this at all.

The first songs I've listened from them were from their 2005 and 2007 album's: Never Take Friendship Personal and Cities. To me, these albums have more of a rock style which is what I really liked when I was younger and still like now. But as I listened to more of their stuff, they sometimes have an upbeat style and their lyrics at this moment are really hitting home, specifically "A Day Late" and "Time and Confusion". Their album Vital has a softer feel to it, which i feel reflectes the indie style that was popular last year and now. Their album Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place is also very good and The Best of Anberlin really is the best of Anberlin.

Some of the songs that I just discovered that I really like are "There Is No Mathematics to Love and Loss", "To the Wolves", "Orpheum", "Time & Confusion", "Haunting"and "Modern Age". But they have so many amazing songs that I simply can't list them all. If you want to listen to a variety of styles in one album, i suggest Blue Prints For City Friendships: The Anberlin Anthology, it has all their popular well known songs but it includes songs on there that I wouldn't except from them but are so good that your happy Anberlin included them in this anthology.

If this post has at least made you somewhat curious about Anberlin, then I'm glad and I highly recommend you to listen to them. Even if it might not be your style, they are a musically talented band that deserves to be listened to at least once and I'm glad that I finally took the chance to listen more from them. Better late than never right?

Edit: So I just found out that this year Anberlin is going to release their last CD and tour for the last time this year. Why must this happen once I finally started listening to them. Their farewell video in my opinion was very sincere and made me like them even more. If they play in California I am making it my goal to go see them live.

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