Day 10 - Evaluate Your Commitments

Friday, September 11, 2015

Yesterday I was suppose to not use my email or social media until lunch, but by the time I realized my challenge for the day, I had already used social media. I didn't want to cheat, so I decided to switch it with day 11 which is to evaluate my commitments.

At the moment I would say I am only committed to two things: this 30 day challenge and finding a job. When I started this challenge it really was to help me build momentum. I felt I was in a rut with nothing to do. I wanted this challenge to give me a fresh start and to help me on the path to becoming a productive adult. In the beginning it was great. I found myself very focused and learning everyday as I completed a challenge. As the days went on I realized that sometimes my life got in the way. I would want to spend time with my friends or I had things to do that made me neglect the challenge. The challenge ended up not being a priority or something that I was excited to do, which is why I don't write a post everyday. I feel I'm just trying to finish it now out of obligation, but I hope that I can continue to learn something.

Finding a job is pretty self explanatory. When I went to visit my old job, they gave me a lot of tips on how to find a job and interviewing skills. This is more meaningful to me because I really need a job. It seems more important to put my time and energy into this than blogging everyday for the challenge.

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