Day 7 - Streamline Your Reading List

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I'm bad. This post was suppose to go up two days ago, but when you're busy packing and moving out of your college apartment there isn't much time to blog.

At the moment, I am only reading three books: A Dance With Dragons, Making Magic With Gaia, and Nana. I'm not the kind of person that likes to read multiple books at the same time because I end up not finishing them. My goodreads profile is really helpful in keeping track of the books I read. I decided to not take my bookmark off those because they're only three.

I didn't realize that I actually had a lot of bookmarks on my laptop. It was kind of overwhelming. I started with my bookmarks bar. I had a lot of things for uni like where to print online at the library, pdf's for my articles, paying rent, how to format an essay in Chicago style, and my Greek homework. I deleted all of them because I knew I would never use them again.

Then I went to my other bookmarks. I had about six folders and a bunch of lose articles. My travel folder consisted of lots of links of where to travel, studying abroad, and why travel is good for you. I ended up deleting sites that were no longer there, pages I didn't need, and would never look at. I pretty much only kept the links of places I would like to travel to in the future. To be honest, I forgot I even had so many travel bookmarks. I ended up deleting my fashion folder, downsized my life folder to only the important articles I'd read again, and deleted a folder for one of my classes.

This challenge took forever just because my computers really slow, I had a lot of bookmarks, and I opened every single one. I'm glad I did it because now when I look at my bookmarks I know it will only be filled with what I really need.

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