Day 9 - Downsize Your Beauty Collection

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I'm tired. I now realize why you're suppose to do one challenge every day, but I procrastinated and today I did three. As far as beauty products go, I don't wear to much. For skincare I will wash my face with a face wash, apply my toner, and then moisturizer. If I have a pimple I'll put a spot treatment on it and that's it. The same thing applies for makeup. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis anymore. When I do wear it I'll use concealer, do my eyebrows, apply mascara, blush, and lip balm. If I'm in the mood I'll wear eyeliner, but I hardly am. I do make a conscious effort to buy products that are cruelty free because I don't think makeup and skincare is worth the suffering of a helpless animal.

Just because I don't wear much makeup, doesn't mean I don't have any. My freshman year of uni I went a little crazy and bought a lot of makeup. I was insecure and thought I needed it to feel good about myself. As I've gotten older I've become a lot more confident and realized I really don't need makeup. As long as I am happy with myself other people's opinions of me with no makeup don't matter.

As I was cleaning out my makeup collection I realized I had so much that I never really used and didn't plan on using anytime soon. I ended up getting rid of some eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, and blushes. It's kind of sad because makeup cost a lot of money and I ended up taking out some really expensive stuff. From now on I will only buy what I need and know I will wear.

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