Day 8 - Learn To Enjoy Solitude

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I was suppose to write this yesterday, but I didn't. I ended up spending the whole day with people instead of being in solitude. Yesterday was my last day in Irvine, so I decided I would use it to see people I wouldn't see for a while. I met up with my friend Rachel for brunch at Peet's Coffee. Rachel got a job with Yelp in San Francisco and I knew I wouldn't see her for a while. We got a coffee and a pastry, talked about postgrad, and gave each other a see-you-later hug. After that I went to my college job to say goodbye to my old supervisor, coworkers, and friends. I thought I was only going to be there for a couple minutes, but I ended up being there for about an hour and a half. Everyone was happy to see me and wanted to know what I had been doing for the past two months. They were very helpful and gave me tips on how to find jobs and how to practice my interviewing skills. I'm really glad I got to spend time them. After I spent the whole day at the apartment cleaning with the rest of my roommates. We ended pretty late and I didn't get home until 9 p.m. I couldn't write this post yesterday because I was never alone. It isn't that I don't enjoy solitude, it's just when I'm around people I like to make the most of it. I'm learning to go on my phone less, talk to people, and be appreciative of the time we spend together.

Today, I ended up spending the whole day by myself, and it was very different than yesterday. I ended up doing exactly what I wanted to do and felt I needed to accomplish. I find that when I'm alone I get a lot of work done. Today I wrote the two missing blogpost I had. I didn't even bother watching TV or going on social media because it's just a waste of time. I spent the day with my thoughts. Later, I will downsize my beauty collection and do some yoga. This isn't much of a challenge for me because I've already learned to enjoy solitude. I like to spend time to myself; I think it's healthy for me to do so. I know some people struggle with this because they feel lonely. I'm alone the majority of the time, but never lonely. If I'm to accomplish what I want, I need to be able to do it alone without having to rely on others. I think I've learned how to balance being alone and spending time with people.

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