Day 21 - Journal For Twenty Mintues

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am a writer. You would think that I would write in my journal every day, but I don't. I actually just found my journal two weeks ago. Aside from this challenge, I don't remember the last time I wrote in a notebook. I believe it was when I was still in school, which was three months ago. It was quite a strange feeling to do it again.

When I started writing, I decided to do stream of consciousness and just let my thoughts come to life on paper. It turns out I think a lot and my thoughts jump from one thing to the next. What surprised me was that I wrote down the things that have had me worried these past couple of days. I never realized so much worried me until I wrote it all down. They weren't life changing things, but to me it was what kept me from making big decisions. I tend to worry and think about how my decisions will affect those around me. I want to do life changing things, but it's really scary to get out of your comfort zone.

After writing I realized I don't really like to journal. I have messy hand writing where I can't even read it. I think faster than my fingers can write on paper. I prefer to type my thoughts down, but journaling allows me to really write what I'm afraid of because no one will ever read it. It's nice to know no one can judge me for my thoughts. It's a calm feeling.

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