Day 5 - Identify Your 3 To 6 Main Priorities

Sunday, September 06, 2015

This post was suppose to go on yesterday, but I was busy packing and having fun with my friends at the 626 Night Market that I'm doing it now. I've actually spent some time thinking about what I really need to prioritize since the termination of my relationship. Here they are:

1. Get a job. Not just any job, but a good paying full-time job where I can use my degree.
2. Live a healthy lifestyle. For me that includes: meditating, reading, writing, and spending less time on my phone.
3. Be a better mom.
4. Stay in contact with my friends.

For the first, I really don't like the fact that I have nothing to do. I like being busy and working. To be honest, I also need money. The second is pretty obvious, but the third is in regards to my cat Moty. Since I've moved back home, I've given more of my attention to my phone than to my cat. It should be the other way around. For the last one, I tend to like being alone and having time to myself, but sometimes people take that as not caring. I do care about my friends and perhaps I need to show them that by reaching out to them. I'm only going to do this for my close friends, which are four to five people. Everyone else doesn't really matter.

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