Day 24 - Practice Gratitude

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I've procrastinated on this for too long. This was suppose to be written on Thursday, but I'm doing it now because it's better late than never. Here are my list of people and things that I am grateful for, and should remind myself everyday because I tend to forget to cherish what I have.

  1.  My mother. The woman who is the most selfless when it comes to her family and has made me the person I am today.
  2. My best friend Himi. He puts up with me a lot, more than he has to, but he's always there for me when I need him. I'm really happy he's still in my life. 
  3. My cat Moty. This little kitty came into my life and has completely stolen my heart. She has given me so much joy and happiness. 
  4. The fact that I live in a home where I have shelter and food in a time where I can't financially support myself. 
  5. That I went to UC Irvine. At this school I met my best friends, got to travel the world, earned two Bachelors degrees, and learned so much knowledge that I don't think I could have learned anywhere else. 
  6. That I am a U.S. citizen who can legally work at any job I want. 
  7. My friends: Gaby, Car, and Rachel who tell me what I need to hear and the thought that we will always be there to encourage and be happy for each other. 
  8. Yoga. This might sound strange, but yoga has changed my life. Before yoga I was insecure and would constantly compare myself to others, it wasn't healthy for me. Now that it's been a year, I am confident in myself and it's the best feeling in the world. 
This is all I could think of at the moment, but I know there are more things that I am grateful for. Writing all these things down got me a bit teary. It made me realize that I am a very lucky person who has a pretty great life and has a lot to be grateful for. 

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